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Guild Apply

Character Name:LaudenCharacter Class:RogueCharacter Level:83 (still lvling)Character Professions:Lw and SkinningWhat country are you from?:SerbiaHow old are you?:24What is your main talent build?:CombatDescribe your character equipment for your ma...
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Robert332Small Bolvar 10y

Maestral's app

Character Name: MaestralCharacter Class: MageCharacter Level: 33 at the momen, I level pretty fast.Character Professions: Atm I have low skilled tailoring.What country are you from?: SerbiaHow old are you?: 16 and a half, 17 in May :)What is your ...
Member avatar small Djordje / Maestral 10y
Djordje / Maestral652Small Bolvar 10y

Ciaa / destro lock apply

Character Name: - CiaaCharacter Class: - WarlockCharacter Level:- 85Character Professions:- Tailoring 512 atm / Enchanting 517 atm , cooking 525, fishing 525, first aid 525What country are you from?:- SerbiaHow old are you?:- 26What is your main t...
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Ciaa539Small Bolvar 10y

Romm's Guild Recruitment App.

Character Name:RommCharacter Class:Rogue CombatCharacter Level:84Character Professions:I will train them on 85 level.What country are you from?:PolandHow old are you?:19What is your main talent build?:Combat 7/31/2Describe your character equipment...
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goli4t19535Small Bolvar 10y

Quides' Guild App.

Character name: QuidesCharacter level: 50 so far.Character class: Elemental ShamanCharacter Professions: none yetWhat country are you from?: PolandHow old are you: 19What is your main talent build: ElementalDescribe your character equipment for yo...
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Quides328Small Bolvar 10y

Abbath's Guild Recruitment Application :)

Character Name:abbathCharacter Class:warriorCharacter Level:15 :'(Character Professions:BS and MiningWhat country are you from?:IndiaHow old are you?:16What is your main talent build?:Ill go arms now but gonna respec to fury as soon has i hit 60De...
Small Abbath 10y
Abbath430Small Bolvar 10y

Application Dps Hunter

Character Name: Kush VyasCharacter Class: Worgen HunterCharacter Level: 4Character Professions: Skining/JewlcraftingWhat country are you from?: IndiaHow old are you?: 20What is your main talent build?: Beastmastry for Leveling OR Marksman Describe...
Member avatar small Kush Vyas 10y
Kush Vyas529Small Bolvar 10y

Sahil's Guild Recruitment App.

Character Name: WolfofmibuCharacter Class: RogueCharacter Level: 84 (hitting 85 as i get inv ;))Character Professions: Skinning and Leatherworking (535/510)What country are you from?: IndiaHow old are you?: 20What is your main talent build?: Subte...
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Sahil538Small Bolvar 10y

Hercis Guild Recruitment App.

Character Name: HercisCharacter Class: Enhancement ShamanCharacter Level: Level 36Character Professions: Skinning & Leatherworking What country are you from?: United StatesHow old are you?: 25 Years OldWhat is your main talent build?: Enhancem...
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Hercis54607Small Bolvar 10y

Juji Guild Recruitment App.

Character Name: JujiCharacter Class: MageCharacter Level: Level 85Character Professions: Enginering/Mining-525What country are you from?: BulgariaHow old are you?: 19 Years oldWhat is your main talent build?: Fire/FrostDescribe your character equi...
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