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#5564122 Jan 28, 2012 at 03:22 PM

Character Name:Lauden

Character Class:Rogue

Character Level:83 (still lvling)

Character Professions:Lw and Skinning

What country are you from?:Serbia

How old are you?:24

What is your main talent build?:Combat

Describe your character equipment for your main talent build.:Going on for Expertise R. Hit and Haste.

Any alternative talent build you can respec to? If so, describe the equipment for that alternative build.:Sub, for that ill go AP and Hit.

List (if any) your previous guild/s?:The Stronghold.

Why did you leave or why were you kicked?:I've never been kicked out of any guild. Im always leaving guilds if guild is inactive (no raids, bg premades and attacking horde citys, sometimes fishing in group).

Why do you want to join the guild and what do you expect from CtrAltDelete?:Im expecting alot of action and my 3 friends.

What time are you usually online (use server time)? *Note* Guild raids are organized after 10 am server time:Im playing always after 9:00 pm (EU time).

How many alternate characters do you regularly play for lengthy periods of time? Please list name, class, level, guild.:Im playing just my rogue. When i ding 85 and gear up my rogue ill make Rdruid fo' alt.

What can you contribute to the guild?:I can farm Tailoring mats and Lw mats. If u need something else ill change my profs.

Please list your character's UNBUFFED stats for your spec (AP, Crit, Hit Rating, HP, +Healing, mp5, etc) and say what statistics you find most important for your class and spec:I think its stupid to tipe anything becouse im not 85 im 83. But when i get lvl ill give info fo' it.

Have you held any leadership position in a guild before? (Raid leader, officer, etc.) I was officier in 2 guild's. Alpha Team ( and in Silent Nation (Gamer-District). But i've never lead raids becouse i dont think i can do that.

Please describe your involvement and major accomplishments.:Got killed LK on Gamer-District, 3000 quests, The Insane title, 40+ Exalted Rep's, i've done all Prof's all of those on GD. On mmorpg4all i've done TBC dungeons becouse mmorpg4all was on tbc.

How did you hear of CTRL ALT DEL?:Ciaa, Quides and Maestral told me about guild and they want me with them so... i made apply :D

Please list any person we may contact in-game for background check, if there are any.:Ciaa and Maestral, they know me about 2 years, playing with me in same guild.

Please enter any additional information you think we would be interested in.:I love music, Tool is my favorite band, im playing guitar in free time, watching movies with my gf and taking care of my little dog. :D
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Why do you want to join the guild and what do you expect from CtrAltDelete?: I expect alot of action and friendly ppl.
#5570583 Jan 30, 2012 at 02:00 AM
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:P well you get +1 from me for personality