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Astralwow server rules written by astralwog

• We reserve the right to ban, delete, and modify your account.
• We are in no way associated with Blizzard and run this server for non-profit purposes.
• Don't be a jack@ss - No one appreciates a jerk. Don't be one. Treat all players with respect.
• No Hacking - Hacking is not permitted here and have dire consequences. Hacking will result in:
•First offense - All characters in the hacking account will be leveled down to level 1.
•Second offense - 7 Weeks Account ban
• No botting - Botting is looked down upon and people who are caught will be kicked on 1st offense by a GM, 1 week ban on 2nd offense, and 3 months ban on 3rd offense. This includes programs that assist in multi-boxing by copying your keystrokes. However, you are free to manually multi-box up to three accounts in non-PvP situations.
• No whining in PvP zones - Don't be annoying and whiny. If someone is killing you repeatedly in a PvP zone, just use the Unstuck tool on the website and continue playing from there. However, if someone is camping the spot where the Unstuck tool revives you or is constantly hunting and bad-mouthing you, please report them to a GM or the forums. They will be punished under the rule "Don't be a jack@ss."
• No camping starter areas in the PvE realm- Let's face it, who the heck camps a low level area? GMs will remove violators on first offense. 2nd offense will be a 1 day ban.
• Don't pretend to be a GM and don't use an account or character name similar to a GM. You will be renamed.

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