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Rule 1: About Raiding you wonder? Well you can raid with us once you reach the raid requirement otherwise you can go ask people for help in gearing and so on , About pugging you ask? You can only PuG if one of the officers says so (that means you will not be really needed for the upcoming raid or its not going happend due to some IRL problems) as well Dont never EVER Ninja looting

Rule 2: always Follow the raid leader orders if he mistaken any tactics or you find His order unfair then you can ask politely about it do not demand or say harsh things

Rule 3: We use master looter System and we for sure like to keep it fair and square so we dont let the highest dps or best healer take all the loot we just Use /roll System that blizzard provided for us

Rule 4: THIS IS the most important If you find yourself not sure of whats going on this boss or this encounter ASK Dont be afraid the raid leader/members will help you as best as they can

Thats all for now this will be updated everytime there new rule out

Regards Hsn.
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