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General Guild rules

During to major changes in the guild, a new hand-list of rules has been set. These are the new rules that applies to everyone regardless which rank you hold in the guild. Any member breaking these rules will be punished.

We believe Real Life > WoW and therefore the game shall never be put before real life things. Most importantly, have fun!

Respect is one of the most important aspects for a guild to work as a community. In order to remain a friendly environment we require you to show every individual full respect. Our goal is to feel like a family; somewhere you can feel at home. Therefore, you must act mature in guild environments and not get easily irritated.

Respect the guild ranks. There are ranks for a reason and the Officers were chosen to run and manage this guild. You have to trust the decisions they make and do not try to turn against them. Of course every individual is allowed to have an opinion, but respect and trust has to be shown to the Officers. The Council will always take your opinion into consideration when they make a decision.
'Treat other members the way you would like to be treated yourself'

Guild's impact on other people
It is very important that you do not try to lower the guild's reputation by being rude among strangers. In-game it is important to show other people you are worthy the tag, act like a member worth the name. Try to keep chats as polite as possible to give a good impression on strangers.

Guild Chat

  • LANGUAGE: English only in Guild Chat. No excessive swearing. If you fail to follow this rule will result in a 1h mute.
  • NO SELLING: Absolutely no kind of selling is allowed in Guild Chat. You may trade items but do not charge members for money.
  • NO BEGGING: It is forbidden to beg another member for items or gold. You may ask nicely for help but you may not beg them multiple times for things.
  • NO FIGHTING: Fighting in the guild is forbidden no matter what occasion it might be.

No exploiting or cheating
Any use of third-party programs or exploiting is strictly forbidden. If evidence can prove the exploiting the member will immediately be removed from the guild.
We require you to read the astral-WoW Server Rules

If you have any suggestions or run across a problem
In case you have any suggestions you would like to make or if a problem is bothering you, please talk to the officers instead of talking about this in public. Spreading it around the forum or in the guild chat, things might only get worse. Talking to an Officer that can deal with it will always be a smarter move. Either PM them on the Official Forum or talk to them in-game.


1 hour mute – You will receive this mute if you spam the guild channel with unnecessary messages. Any kind of 'trolling' will result in a 1 hour mute.
12 hour mute – If you insult or fight with another guild member, you will be muted for 12 hours.

Any kind of abuse of members or the guild vault will result in a demote to virus You will be on a 1 week test period to prove us you deserve a re-promotion. Your alts will be removed during this time.

Guild kick
Failure to follow the guild rules may result in a guild kick. Normally you never receive a guild kick immediately after a failure instead you will be warned. After the first warning and again you fail to obey the rules, you will be kicked.

Additional information
Any member that shares his/her account with someone might be put to risk. You as a member have the responsibility for any actions that are caused under your name. If someone else logs your account and do something stupid, you will have to pay for these actions. No matter if it is a friend or a relative we cannot soothe your punishment. Keep this in mind next time you share an account that has a character in the guild.
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