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Just copy the format and fill out according to the example.

Character Name:

Character Class:

Character Level:

Character Professions:

What country are you from?:

How old are you?:

What is your main talent build?:

Describe your character equipment for your main talent build.:

Any alternative talent build you can respec to? If so, describe the equipment for that alternative build.:

List (if any) your previous guild/s?:

Why did you leave or why were you kicked?:

Why do you want to join the guild and what do you expect from Unsung Heroes?:

What time are you usually online (use server time)? *Note* Guild raids are organized after 10 am server time:

How many alternate characters do you regularly play for lengthy periods of time? Please list name, class, level, guild.:

What can you contribute to the guild?:

Please list your character's UNBUFFED stats for your spec (AP, Crit, Hit Rating, HP, +Healing, mp5, etc) and say what statistics you find most important for your class and spec:

Have you held any leadership position in a guild before? (Raid leader, officer, etc.)

Please describe your involvement and major accomplishments.:

How did you hear of CTRL ALT DEL?:

Please list any person we may contact in-game for background check, if there are any.:

Please enter any additional information you think we would be interested in.:

Thank you for your application. We appreciate it! Please remember: our application process usually takes two weeks to a month. You can view the results here at the forums.

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