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[Pinned] Moving to Molten-Wow

<censored by Bolvar>
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[Pinned] Server Rules
Server Rules

[Pinned] Server Rules

Astralwow server rules written by astralwog • We reserve the right to ban, delete, and modify your account.• We are in no way associated with Blizzard and run this server for non-profit purposes.• Don't be a jack@ss - No one appreciates a jerk. D...
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General Rules

[Pinned] General Guidelines

General Guild rulesDuring to major changes in the guild, a new hand-list of rules has been set. These are the new rules that applies to everyone regardless which rank you hold in the guild. Any member breaking these rules will be punished.We belie...
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[Pinned] Application format

Just copy the format and fill out according to the example. Character Name:Character Class:Character Level:Character Professions:What country are you from?:How old are you?:What is your main talent build?:Describe your character equipment for your...
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[Pinned] Example Application

Character Name:BolvarCharacter Class:Paladin RetributionCharacter Level:85Character Professions:JC - 515 / BS 525What country are you from?:RomaniaHow old are you?:23What is your main talent build?:Retribution 5/5/xxDescribe your character equi...
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[Pinned] The Bastion of Twilight (BOT)

Halfus Wyrmbreaker Theralion and Valiona Ascendant Council Cho'gall Sinestra
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Hello, guildies! ^^Let me introduce my self to you. My name is Nebojsa, but you can call me Neci. I`m form little city at north of Serbia called Kikinda. Im 26 years old. Graphic designer, dj, american football player, helpfull, friendly with good...
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HELOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOmy name is prathamesh i am from india i am 16 years old i FUCKING LOVE BLACK METALumm about studies i am doing some science shit which i dont really care about and and i LOOOVEEE WEED 3( 3( 3( 3( and hash someti...
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Guild Apply

Character Name:LaudenCharacter Class:RogueCharacter Level:83 (still lvling)Character Professions:Lw and SkinningWhat country are you from?:SerbiaHow old are you?:24What is your main talent build?:CombatDescribe your character equipment for your ma...
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temporary relamlist

ok Hello guys and girls of CTRL ALT DELETE :D |m/so the realmlist is being changed to set realmlist a couple of days max as said by gm manwe please set it :)p.s also the site will be up soonand hello from the newest member of the...
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Maestral's app

Character Name: MaestralCharacter Class: MageCharacter Level: 33 at the momen, I level pretty fast.Character Professions: Atm I have low skilled tailoring.What country are you from?: SerbiaHow old are you?: 16 and a half, 17 in May :)What is your ...
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Ciaa / destro lock apply

Character Name: - CiaaCharacter Class: - WarlockCharacter Level:- 85Character Professions:- Tailoring 512 atm / Enchanting 517 atm , cooking 525, fishing 525, first aid 525What country are you from?:- SerbiaHow old are you?:- 26What is your main t...
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Romm's Guild Recruitment App.

Character Name:RommCharacter Class:Rogue CombatCharacter Level:84Character Professions:I will train them on 85 level.What country are you from?:PolandHow old are you?:19What is your main talent build?:Combat 7/31/2Describe your character equipment...
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Quides' Guild App.

Character name: QuidesCharacter level: 50 so far.Character class: Elemental ShamanCharacter Professions: none yetWhat country are you from?: PolandHow old are you: 19What is your main talent build: ElementalDescribe your character equipment for yo...
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Name :ViborAge: 28Occupation: PhotographerState/City: Croatia/ZagrebHobby: Fishing 4 life
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Abbath's Guild Recruitment Application :)

Character Name:abbathCharacter Class:warriorCharacter Level:15 :'(Character Professions:BS and MiningWhat country are you from?:IndiaHow old are you?:16What is your main talent build?:Ill go arms now but gonna respec to fury as soon has i hit 60De...
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Application Dps Hunter

Character Name: Kush VyasCharacter Class: Worgen HunterCharacter Level: 4Character Professions: Skining/JewlcraftingWhat country are you from?: IndiaHow old are you?: 20What is your main talent build?: Beastmastry for Leveling OR Marksman Describe...
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Sahil's Guild Recruitment App.

Character Name: WolfofmibuCharacter Class: RogueCharacter Level: 84 (hitting 85 as i get inv ;))Character Professions: Skinning and Leatherworking (535/510)What country are you from?: IndiaHow old are you?: 20What is your main talent build?: Subte...
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Hercis Guild Recruitment App.

Character Name: HercisCharacter Class: Enhancement ShamanCharacter Level: Level 36Character Professions: Skinning & Leatherworking What country are you from?: United StatesHow old are you?: 25 Years OldWhat is your main talent build?: Enhancem...
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Juji Guild Recruitment App.

Character Name: JujiCharacter Class: MageCharacter Level: Level 85Character Professions: Enginering/Mining-525What country are you from?: BulgariaHow old are you?: 19 Years oldWhat is your main talent build?: Fire/FrostDescribe your character equi...
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